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Zandstra 3592

The Zandstra Semi Soft boot combines light weight with warmth and comfort. Also the boot gives support in places where necessary. Blisters, cold feet and muscular pain are a thing of the past! Closure: a combination of lace, velcro and buckle.

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295,00 €

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295,00 €
Specially designed for the recreational skater, also the Ving clapskate long distance skating will be more enjoyable and relaxed. Due to the special design of this unique speedskate the advantages of the clapskate are for the active recreational skaters and is easier to achieve. The Zandstra Ving clapskate comes very close to the competitive clapskate but eliminates the disadvantages. Moreover, the Zandstra Ving clapskate can be used as a traditional skate thanks to a special locking pin. This means freedom of choice Traditional or Clap. The most important specifications of the Ving clapskate: Freedom of choice - With the Ving skate one has freedom of choice. Clapskate or traditional skate. Securing is done by means of a “locking pin”. In addition one has the freedom of choice of boots. Almost any boot can be mounted on this clapskate. (Except the bolt-on type boots). Semi High Cup or Semi Low Cup - The Ving clapskate is 1.5 to 2 cms. lower than the competition clapskate. Because of this the Ving Clapskate is excellent for natural ice as well as artificial ice. Especially by long distance skating a semi high cup blade is a very comfortable and less fatigue. Reliable - The Ving has a limited number of parts. Because of this the skate is very dependable. The hinging occurs by means of a pressed spring (instead of a pulled spring). Extensive testing has proven that the chance of breaking is almost zero. The maximum angle between tube/ shoe is 30°. Also here, extensive testing has shown that a larger angle is not necessary. Limiting the angle also makes skating safer. Weight - In order to make long distance skating more enjoyable the weight of the Ving clapskate has been limited. The Ving clapskate is the lightest clapskate available. Comfort - It has been proven that the ving clapskate is more relaxing than the traditional fixed blades. Also muscular pain is a thing of the past. Pricing - The skate has a price level that is acceptable to a large number of recreational skaters. Main technical specifications of the Ving clapskate: Tube - The aluminium tube is made out of 7000 aluminium. This light weight tube has a good torsion stiffness. Heel and footplates - The boots are mounted on a frame made out of technical nylon 6.6 known as Zytel®. This polyamide will stand up to low temperatures. Spring - The only clapskate with a pressed spring. Intensive testing has shown that this construction is very reliable. Not only reliable but almost maintenance free. Hinging point - Contrary to other clapskates the hinging point is not on the tube, but through the tube. This results in a slightly lower skate than the traditional high cup blades.
Marques Zandstra
Delivery Time 5-7 Days
Prix 295,00 €
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