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Matter One20Five Disc Core

Matter One20Five For the new three times 125mm frame. Matter Designed a whole new hollow core hub and insert system. This Matter 125 mm wheel has the same outer PU material like the Matter G13. It offers much grip, great roll and is really easy in cornering.

Disponibilité: Épuisé

Prix normal : 36,67 €

Special Price 34,95 €

The Matter One20Five features

  • Available in F0, F1
  • Hollow Core
  • New insert system
  • G13 outer PU material

The first version has a 22mm wide Pu tyre, this wheel is almost the same like Matter one20five G13

The new version has a wider Pu tyre (24mm) it offers more grip because of the bigger footprint, now we only have the new wide-one

Marques Matter
Diameter 125 mm
Delivery Time 2-3 Days
Prix 36,67 €
Call For Price Non

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