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MPC Road War Firm 110mm

The most recent development of MPC. The Road War Firm is designed for high speed races. the Road War wheels with unprecedented upswing in a straight line, keep you at full speed throughout your outlet and also offers more grip, but only when and where you need it.

Disponibilité: Épuisé

Prix normal : 18,00 €

Special Price 16,00 €

Would you like speed and efficiency, all surface types? Want energy-saving drive? Want reliable grip in all corners? Then you need MPC Road War Firm The Road War Firm is the "softer" version of the MPC Road War wheel. MTECH is the patented "soft core, hard shell" technology that guarantees wheels tremendous achievement. WEIGHT PER WHEEL (in grams): MPC Mtech (all models) 90 mm = 114 g 100 mm = 121 g 110 mm = 139 g
Marques MPC
Diameter 110 mm
Delivery Time 5-7 Days
Prix 18,00 €
Call For Price N/A

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