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Marchese ZERO ST blade

High-performance shorttrack blade from Marchese Racing, optimizing performance with the latest runner, tube, cup and adhesive technologies.

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425,00 €
Available in 8 sizes 15" - 18.5" (0.5" increments), a high-performance blade tube of WT3 using oversized dimensions: - oversized tubing for increased stiffness and strength, limiting flex in the corners - high-strength aluminium alloy maintains its shape properly Including innovative: - Cup mounting with single screw, precision shafted stainless bolts - Cups have extra-wide slots for double-bolted boot mounting - Runner steel glued with a new type of high performance resin, rubber modified epoxy (The flow of the material has been optimized, preventing 'slump' and curing to a semi-rigid finish ideal to prevent stresses in components and optimizing the bonding of materials in a dynamic environment. A 10m radius runner blade, High Speed Steel 64HRC (also available with PM bimetal 68HRC upgrade)
Marques Marchese
Delivery Time 5-7 Days
Prix 425,00 €
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