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Maple Comet Laser 3 point

The Maple Twin Laser 3 point is Maple's new three point long track speedskating blade, it helps prevent blade distortion. A typical blade has two points of contact, the heel cup and the pivot point. The two point tracks allow the blade to flex upward toward the boot flattening the radius. The 3-Point tracks adds a contact point in the center of the blade allowing the radius to stay true to what's intended.

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The Maple Twin Laser 3 point is an ice blade wit a specially shaped tension and torsion free. The tube has a extra rib that gives the blade more stability. Corners can be taken at top speed and the energy on the straights can maximum converted into speed. The blade is made up of PM-65 + HRC steels with a thickness of 1.1 mm and is 1 mm higher than the Comet steel. The specially designed steel tube offers maximum flexibility, stability and control.
Marques Maple
Delivery Time 5-7 Days
Prix 676,00 €
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