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Luigino Strut 2012

The Luigino Strut is the startup model from Luigino. This very affordable boot offers great value for because many of the techniques from the top from Luigino models are also used in this shoe. Consider the patented Thermafiber Technology amaking the boot lighter and stiffer and still remains good and ductile. Also, the PROBACK Technology applied so that the padding perfectly encloses the Achilles tendon.

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165,00 €

The ankle joint is in the strut is a bit of a corner making it easier to keep going. Skate in the right attitude and this makes for a boot very suitable for novice skaters and also touring riders.

The assembly of this shoe is 195mm


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Marques Luigino
Delivery Time 5-7 Days
Prix 165,00 €
Call For Price Non

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