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Luigino Pilot P-51 Gunmetal Featherweight 3x 125mm

Luigino Pilot P-51 'Gunmetal' Featherweight 3x125mm frame - NEW look and IMPROVED design!

What makes the new Luigino P-51 frame stand apart from the rest? The new GUNMETAL finish and improved design. Luigino increased strength through design and materials, removing the recessed window and putting strength back into the arch to ensure strong-points.

With the P-51 Featherweight inline racing frame, Luigino Skates has taken the standard arch design concept used in other frames to a whole new level, ensuring consistent wall, bracing and platform thickness throughout.

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Prix normal : 209,00 €

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Prix normal : 209,00 €

Special Price 199,00 €

Luigino P-51 125mm Featherweight Frame Sizes:

  • 12.6" | 3x125 165/195 mount | 180gram
  • 12.8" | 3x125 165/195 mount | 180gram


  • deck height rear= 61mm  
  • deck height front= 50mm

Frame weights without axles. Deck Heights without wheels. till midle of the axels


Marques Luigino
Diameter 125 mm
Delivery Time 2-3 Days
Prix 209,00 €
Call For Price Non
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