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EVO Clap Adore 12C27

EVO Clap Adore Kids 12C27
• Mid-high performance excellent value Adore boot and 12C27 Clap package
• Adore lightweight and supportive carbon fiber shell
• Thermoplastic integration allows for custom fit and adjustment
• Durable synthetic leather upper and insole
• 12C27 steel is durable which maintains excellent edge quality and sharpness
• Evo Arc Technology improves tracking characteristics
• Designed, engineered and manufactured in Holland
• Premium quality Dutch sourced aluminum and steel
• 12C27 is manufactured to the same specifications and tolerances as our PM and Bi-metal runners
• Precision milled aluminum bridges and pivots
• High grade mounting hardware and springs
• Easily adjustable spring tension
• Clap systems equipped with rear dampening system for reduced impact

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449,00 €
EVO skate recommends a radius of 25 meter, because the tube steers very good by using the EVO Arc Technology.
Marques EVO
Delivery Time 5-7 Days
Prix 449,00 €
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