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Craft Be Active Extreme Long Underpant 90985

Zero Extreme is made of a thin, lightweight and elastic fabric that keeps you dry and fresh throughout any workout in fair and cold temperatures. Its ergonomic 3D construction ensures a perfect fit and optimal freedom of movement for extreme performance.

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42,95 €
42,95 €
HEXA AND HOLLOW A HEXA channeled fiber (six channels) against the skin enhances moisture transport and cools the body down, whereas a hollow fiber on the outside of the fabric offers insulation and transports moisture to the next layer. 190985 Active Extreme Underpants • Soft seams on outside to follow your muscles working • Comfort your body in zones you need it • Thin, lightweight and extremely elastic • Perfect cool and excellent dry effect • Keeps you fresh during exercise • Ergonomic fit
Marques Craft
Delivery Time 5-7 Days
Prix 42,95 €
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