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CadoMotus PRO HiLo DualBox

HiLo is back with a vengeance. The extra length and height of 110mm frames, these have become inaccessible for many athletes. In particular, smaller and lighter skaters.

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Prix normal : 200,00 €

Special Price 180,00 €

The HiLo frames with the 1-2-1 (110/100/100/110) and 1-1-2 (110-100-110-110) versions have the same height as the Pro 100mm frames CadoMotus and 12.4 "12.8 "and 13.0" available. shortest 4x110mm The frame is a whopping 0.6 "longer. The HiLo frame 110mm CadoMotus is accessible for all skaters. specifications: - 4 wheels, 12.4inch 110-100-100-110 - 4 wheels, 12.8inch 110-100-110-110 - 4 wheels, 13.0inch 110-100-110-110 Mounting: 195mm Material: High Strength Aluminum Aluminium WT-3 Extrusion: New dualbox-3 low-profile Deck level: Rear (50 +55 mm wheel radius) 105mm Weight: 208g Mounting bays: 1x 20mm width, 1x 18mm Width Axles: M7, exclusively DualBox3 frames Graphics: Full-color sublimated, two-sided
Marques Non
Diameter 100 mm, 110 mm
Delivery Time 5-7 Days
Prix 200,00 €
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