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Bont Apache LT

This boot is very comfortable and stiff

Uses velcro and wax laces

Lighter than the Bont Jet

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Prix normal : 360,00 €

Special Price 199,00 €

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Prix normal : 360,00 €

Special Price 199,00 €

The cockpit and the tongue are both thermoplastic.

The bottom is made of a glass fiber and carbon fiber with thermoplastic resin.

The LT has wax laces and velcro lace flap, also the tongue is Velcro so that it can not shift.

The Apache LT has a skate stitch width slots.

The Apache is lighter than the Bont Jet(by the use of more carbon fiber) and is more deformable.

Marques Bont
Delivery Time 5-7 Days
Prix 360,00 €
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